ELBOW Research Project

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What does ELBOW mean?

ELBOW comes from the words Medical Electricity, Embodied Experiences, and Knowledge Construction and the letters in these words. These are the key words that guide our research project.

So, the project explores the way people interacted with electricity in the context of medicine, how they experienced electricity through their bodies, and how they understood and produced knowledge on electricity based on their experiences. The time and place for this exploration is Europe and the Atlantic World during c.1740–1840.

What do we do?

ELBOW uses medical electricity as a window into examining not simply how scientific knowledge was constructed in the long eighteenth century—but more specifically, into the role of embodied experience in this process.

Who belongs to the ELBOW research team?

Get to know our ELBOW team here and find out about our roles and research interests.

Who supports our project financially?

The project is funded by the European Union, European Research Council (ERC) for years 2022–2027. However, views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Research Council Executive Agency.

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